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Distilled and bottled in London

by Ocean_Barefoot

Gin, as it's
meant to be.

Refined, elegant and quintessentially British, our award winning Horse Guards London Dry Gin has been crafted with precision and perseverance by our master distillers.

Our gin boasts a predominant juniper flavour, expertly balanced with juicy citrus notes and just a hint of spice.

Smooth, with a long finish, it’s perfect in a gin and tonic, as well as more exotic cocktails.

This, quite simply, is gin as it's meant to be.

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The Taste
of Adventure

With roots dating back to the 1660s, Britain’s Horse Guards (the Household Cavalry) are renowned the world over for their diligence, discipline and their commitment to duty.

However, what many don't know, is that they have a heritage of attracting extraordinary historical characters with a remarkably intrepid spirit.

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Your Adventure

We will have a whole host of events coming soon in which you can get involved. In the meantime get a taster of things to come.

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The Perfect

Our master distillers have crafted Horse Guards London Dry Gin with a unique blend of quintessential ingredients that make for a smooth, sumptuous taste.

Discover just what makes our gin so delicious.

Juniper Berries

The base botanical of each and every gin, juniper berries have also long been used as a spice in cooking.

Coriander Seed

Coriander seeds, the dry fruit of the coriander plant, have a zesty citrus flavour when crushed.

Orange Peel

Horse Guards owes its distinctive citrus flavour to fresh and warming orange peel.

Angelica Root

There are around 30 varieties of angelica species. When distilled, it has an intriguing earthy flavour.

Grapefruit Peel

Originally from Barbados, the zing of grapefruit peel adds a little taste of the exotic to our unique recipe.


Native to south India and Sri Lanka, cardamom seeds provide an aromatic spice with a warming and comforting taste.

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Your Glasses.

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